Unwelcome Visitors: Advice About Pest Control

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Unwelcome Visitors: Advice About Pest Control

Hello all. My name is William and I have always been a farmer. Recently, the farm next door subdivided into one-hectare blocks and a lot of urbanites moved in to enjoy the countryside. Many were excited to start their own vegetable gardens until they realised that there were some unwelcome visitors. Insects, mice and birds seemed to love their crops too! As an old hand at the game, I was able to prevent them from poisoning everything in sight! In some cases, I got them to plant flowers like marigolds to stop particular insects. In other cases I recommended calling in the experts. After all, the idea is to control the pests but keep crops healthy. I know a lot of people are faced with unexpected pests when they move. Hopefully, this blog will provide helpful advice and encourage you to assess the situation calmly. All the best.

Steps You Can Take If Fear of Spiders Is Interfering With Your Sleep

Studies have found that 55% of females and 18% of males are afraid of spiders. In Australia, that fear is well founded, as there are a number of venomous spiders which are present in the country which can result in a pain bites, serious health problems and in extreme cases, death. For this reason, many Australian homeowners want to do all they can to keep spiders out of their home. Many people feel that spiders pose the greatest threat during the nighttime when they are asleep. Read More 

Why You Need Pest Control Professional for Termite Treatment

Even though termite infestation may not lead to immediate problems that are noticed by a common homeowner, the long-term effects can at times be so stressing. When left unchecked, termites can cause structural damage to a house. Even though one termite may take so long to be noticed, a colony can result in significant destruction within two to four months. The handling of termites may seem easy, but recurring infestations can be so disappointing. Read More 

Commercial Pest Control: Modern Pest Management in Your Business or Office Setup

When you realise the onset of pests in your business premises, it is essential to call in pest control experts to help you in the removal. If pests infest your business, you may incur significant losses especially on structures, carpets, furniture as well as the health of the workers. For productivity in your business, it is necessary that you have all your assets and employees' health in the right state by practising pest removal. Read More 

Destructive Pests: Protecting Your Home against Termite Infestation

One of the most destructive pests in the home is the termite. Therefore, you should be diligent in protecting your building. If you experience an infestation, the total costs for refurbishment will be high and your property will lose its resale value. Termites are small insects which live in colonies and feed on wood materials in the home. If allowed to thrive, termites will cause extensive destruction in the home by eating structural lumber. Read More 

Signs to Be Wary Of If You Suspect a Termite Infestation

The key to effectively dealing with a termite infestation is to identify it before it escalates into a severe problem. If termites are not eliminated in the early stages, they will eventually cause irreparable damage to your timber structure, which could result in the need for residential demolition, as they will no longer be structurally viable. Nonetheless, some homeowners are not aware of how to go about spotting the telltale signs of infestation and only realise they have a problem on their hands once it is too late. Read More