Unwelcome Visitors: Advice About Pest Control

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Unwelcome Visitors: Advice About Pest Control

Hello all. My name is William and I have always been a farmer. Recently, the farm next door subdivided into one-hectare blocks and a lot of urbanites moved in to enjoy the countryside. Many were excited to start their own vegetable gardens until they realised that there were some unwelcome visitors. Insects, mice and birds seemed to love their crops too! As an old hand at the game, I was able to prevent them from poisoning everything in sight! In some cases, I got them to plant flowers like marigolds to stop particular insects. In other cases I recommended calling in the experts. After all, the idea is to control the pests but keep crops healthy. I know a lot of people are faced with unexpected pests when they move. Hopefully, this blog will provide helpful advice and encourage you to assess the situation calmly. All the best.

3 Reasons You Should Use A Pest Control Company

More people seem to be opting to do things for themselves these days, and while this can save you some money and help you learn new skills, some tasks are best left to the professionals. There's a big difference between fixing a fence or changing your car's oil and ridding your home of a pest infestation. Although there are a wide variety of pest control products being sold as an easy way for you to tackle pests yourself, established pest infestations can be difficult to treat even if you have a good deal of experience. Additionally, DIY enthusiasts simply don't have access to the strong insecticide products that professionals do, and there is legislation in place that requires some types of pests to be removed only by a licenced pest control company. If you're on the fence about hiring a pest control company to rid your property of destructive pests, here are three reasons you should leave it to the pros.

Safety First

Some pests can carry diseases that are transmissible to humans, so it's best not to risk coming into close contact with these pests without the appropriate training and knowledge to ensure your safety. Additionally, working with toxic substances, such as rodenticides, can be hazardous. Accidents can happen regardless of how safe your feel you're being. Pest control professionals have the best safety gear for the job to ensure their respiratory system, eyes, and skin are well-protected when working with chemical-based products.

The Benefit Of Experience

Like with most things in life, experience is invaluable when tackling a pest problem. For example, after seeing a rat you may use some rodenticide in and around your property and think the job's done, but do you know how to identify where they are nesting? Without knowing the location of the nesting site, you can't be sure your DIY treatment has truly solved your problem. Pest control professionals can draw on years of experience and training, and that allows them to choose the correct eradication approach for the type of infestation you're dealing with, which can resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

You May Actually Save Money

When you decide to tackle an infestation yourself you may find you end up purchasing several different types of treatments, deterrents, and traps in a bid to completely rid your home of pests. Some commercial products work better than others and some are designed only to eradicate the adult population and not any pests in the egg or larvae stage of the lifecycle. Additionally, some pests have become tolerant of popular commercial products and can survive living in an environment treated with these products. So, utilising an experienced pest control company that offers a guarantee and will provide a follow-up appointment to ensure your home is pest-free can actually save you money.

If you've got unwanted visitors in your home, give your local pest control company a call to see what they recommend.